Coming Soon

Grass’s Disneyland Adventure. He managed to take around thirty pictures or so in various attractions around Disneyland and California Adventure. Unfortunately, he will not let me post any pictures of him without being first edited for red eye, blinking, or blurring due to movement. (Picky, picky!) So here is a sample to keep you waiting patiently (blame the grass):
He wants to live at Disneyland now.


One thought on “Coming Soon

  1. hi! i stumbled upon your blog by a link from MochiMochi Land and I just can’t help myself but leave comments. first off, thank you for the crochet conversion of the Grass pattern. and thank you for taking Winter Grass to disney world with you! adorable handmade stuffed toys need equally adorable adventures. oh, and so sorry to hear about the disastrous felting experiment (tho i must admit to rolling around laughing at your decision to ‘censor’ the final picture!). i too have never felted. if you find out what went wrong, please share – who knows how much yarn and knitting effort might be saved.and last but not least.. our blogger templates are the same 🙂


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