Grass’s Vacation: Hotel Fun

Have you ever noticed how to some people the hotel is more fun than the vacation? Well, Grass quickly discovered that the hotel room was a great place to practice taking photos before the big day in the Disneyland Park:
After claiming his spot, he jumped on the bed and scruffed up all the pillows.
Then he checked out the bathtub. Not to take a bath, but just to check out the free toiletries.
Next Grass noticed the wheelchair sitting unoccupied in the corner. (My sister broke her toe days before our vacation, and since Disneyland requires a lot of walking, which my sister could not do, we had to rent a wheelchair.)
Grass didn’t discover the wheelchair; he ROCKED it!
That wheelchair didn’t know what happened to it after it had been “Grass’d.”
Grass decided that if the hotel room could be this much fun, he could definitely find something interesting in Disneyland. Stay tuned for pictures of “Day One” in Grass’s Disneyland Adventure.


2 thoughts on “Grass’s Vacation: Hotel Fun

  1. these Grass vacation picture posts are leaving me in stitches! you could make a comic book chronicling his (mis)adventures 🙂 i’ll definitely be coming back to see more of his antics.


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