Ravelry! Ravelry!

Ravelry! I got my invite today. They are inviting people faster than in the past. I only had to wait twenty-one days before I was in. And now I’m in. And of course my username is “kountingsheep.”

I know I shouldn’t be this excited about Ravelry, but I like yarn and that’s what people who like yarn freak out about, right?

Oh, and I went to the yarn store today, Tempe Yarn and Fiber. I got some yummy Nature Spun Sport Weight Brown Sheep Wool in grey to go with some pink Alpaca yarn I got from my secret pal. They will be so cute together in a chevron lace scarf. I also bought some extra Cascade 220 variegated yarn that was the same as another hank I already had. That will be made into a drop-stitch scarf from the new book 101 Designer One Skein Wonders that I just got from Borders this week as a gift to myself for surviving Black Friday. I’m in a scarf mood after finishing My-So-Called-Scarf in some hand-dyed Malabrigo I bought the last time I went to the yarn store. It so warm, and yet light. It was perfect for today; a little chilly, but not chilly enough to warrant a bulky scarf.

The yarn helps me block the terrible time I’ve been having register for my last four classes for my Bachelor’s degree. (Don’t ask, don’t even ask. Think about the yarn. Just focus on the yarn.)


2 thoughts on “Ravelry! Ravelry!

  1. Prepare to lose many hours to the crack known as Ravelry. It is the most awesome site. Just when you think that you have figured it all out, there are new little things around the corner. I am mhighfill on Rav.: )


  2. Grats on Ravelry! I just got my invite last night too. I was all happy and excited until about 4am… when I realized I was still awake and on Ravelry. It really is like crack. Good luck with the papers! Hopefully there’ll be another installment of The Adventures of Grass somewhere in the relatively near future =)


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