I have a lot of “almosts” right now.

Almost finished with this semester. I managed to write two awesome papers (I’m a little biased, what can I say?) on time without staying up too late or anything. But, here is a picture of me that I took while procrastinating….er, um….brainstorming. Almost entirely fed-up with my job. You can never know how truly stressful retail is until you work in it, or live with someone who does. I’m a pretty optimistic person and usually always upbeat, but this Christmas season is especially trying. I bring yarn with me to work so I can knit or crochet on breaks. It’s the only thing keeping me sane at work. Here’s the project I’ve been carrying around with me: Almost half-way done on some Christmas projects. It’s kind of hard to work on things when these people in my house just won’t leave. What’s with all this family time we’ve been spending together? I mean, a girl has to get some work done here. You people need to go away if you want anything for Christmas.

Almost finished editing pictures of Grass’s Disneyland Adventure. I know, I’m slow, but things like eight-page papers and finals kind of take priority over Grass, and he’s quite upset about it. Here’s a few from Day One for your enjoyment:Grass found out that it’s fun to pose with statues. It made him look dignified. Grass found out that you lose all track of time in Disneyland. Even the white rabbit couldn’t give him a straight answer.
And here Grass is hanging out with some fancy plants that are all shaped into letters and stuff. Show-offs.


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  1. woohoo grats on finishing those papers! yea… i worked retail, and while it was always exhausting and stressful, it was much more so during the holiday season. hang in there!


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