Meet Hank

The Unicorn.
I posted earlier about my first “hank” of wool that I purchased at my LYS: Cascade 220 in fuchsia. I was so excited about buying this first “hank” and went on to explain the project I was going to use it for: a knitted unicorn from
Dream Toys by Claire Garland. Well, my uncle read my blog and thought that I had named the unicorn “Hank” since I kept talking about my hank of yarn. I thought it was so funny that the name stuck and Hank the unicorn was born.

In anticipation for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I cast on Hank with my first hank of wool and worked off my excitement by making a unicorn. I thought it was an appropriate project for working on while waiting for a Harry Potter book. Of course, I stopped working on him when I got the book, which I proceeded to read in 13 hours straight all night long. (Since I wasn’t interested in Harry Potter when the other books were released, I figured I would do the “stay up all night and read” thing for the last one.) I finished Hank a couple of days later and he has added such personality to my room.
As soon as I put the last strand of yarn in his mane, he took on such a big personality, it’s hard to keep his unicornian excitement under control (I know “unicornian” isn’t a word, but it sounds cool. I’m a creative writing major, so I can make up words.) He gallops around the bed like he owns the place and keeps me up at night showing-off to the yarn stash in the corner of my room, taunting the hanks of wool that have since joined my stash that he is finished and they are still, well, hanks of yarn.

Ah well, unicorns will be unicorns.


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