Sleepy Snake and Mischievous Mouse

Oi! Busy semester. At times I feel like I’m being eaten alive (see above picture for dramatization). I have been doing a lot of writing and the printing of a lot of paper for my classes this semester. Here is the lowdown on my classes:

Class 1 is Intermediate Shakespeare. Luckily, I had Intro to Shakespeare with the same teacher, so this class is quite pleasant. I used to not be a fan of Shakespeare, which seemed wrong since I am an English major, but I found out that it was mainly because I didn’t understand it. Mind you, I wouldn’t sit down on a rainy afternoon and grab one of his plays, but I find it better now.

Class 2 is online American Literature post 1865. Not a big fan of online literature classes, but this one is tolerable, better than attending a class for this particular subject. Unfortunately this is a required course for my major, otherwise I would not be taking it. American writers are weird.

Class 3 is Poetry Literary Forms in Theory and Practice. The name sounds really complicated, but basically it is one of my two last classes for my creative writing degree in which we discuss different types of poetry and practice those different types. The class is made up of mostly seniors, so no wishy-washy writers in this group.

Class 4 is Capstone Poetry: Dramatic Monologue. The second class that is the last one required for creative writing. Basically, we write dramatic monologues (ie…write in the voice of other people using first person. I could write as a serial killer if I wanted to in this class, not that I would) and then have a workshop to critique each other’s writing. Again, the class is made up of all seniors, so people should be serious about their writing at this point.

Suffice it to say, I’m doing a lot of writing, especially poetry writing, and a lot of reading for my two literature classes. That doesn’t leave much time for blogging and gasp knitting. That just means that I have to take my projects with me everywhere (and I mean everywhere: restaurants, shopping malls, book stores, car rides, classes etc.) if I hope to get anything done.

Here is something I finished before the beginning of the semester, Sleepy Snake and Mischievous Mouse from Mochimochi Land.
These cuties were a gift for a little boy who just became a big brother, kind of a “sibling gift,”you know, like when one sibling is having a party or something and you give the other sibling a small gift just so they won’t get jealous (yeah, pretty much a bribe to keep the sibling pacified).
I used Patons Merino Wool in green, off-white, and blue for this duo, then ran them through the washer/dryer to felt them. They turned out really cute and I was sad to see the go. But I’m sure they will be in much more adventurous hands now.


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  1. Very cute! Good idea about the sibling gifts – I have two kids, so I know all about sibling rivalry, unfortunately! Good luck with the classes! I was a journalism major in college until I changed to urban studies (urban planning) in my junior year, after completing nearly all of the classes for my journalism major. I’ve always loved English too, and briefly contemplated an English major, but didn’t think it would be very marketable. I sure would have enjoyed the classes though!


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