Lime Green Beret

So the color for my sister’s cancer is lime green. I am now stocking up on numerous skeins/hanks/balls of lime green yarn, all waiting to be made into lime green awareness stuff. The first thing I made is this lime green beret for myself:
I love berets and I love this beret. I started and finished it yesterday in time to wear it today. I got tons of compliments and it is my first awareness knit to wear around. This is my new favorite hat.

The pattern is a simple K2 P3 ribbing band, then Rnd 1: YO, k2 tog; Rnd 2: K. I actually saw a hat with this exact same pattern in Target, so I’m feeling proud that I made something that’s almost the exact same thing as one in Target for much cheaper.
My sis is doing great. She came home and is much happier to be home. I making her a giant granny square lapghan in lavender and deep purple. She loves blankies and needs plenty of them since she’s going back and forth between home, the clinic, and the hospital. Plus we have to wash them more frequently.

My thing to make right now is giant grannies. For whatever reason making grannies is really comforting to me right now. It’s a simple enough pattern that I don’t have to focus on what I’m doing, yet my hands are busy enough to help settle down all the millions of thoughts I have right now. I think giant grannies are going to be a part of my sis’s cancer battle (maybe fundraising in the future or something).

Oh, by the way, I graduate from college in TWO WEEKS!


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  1. That’s a beautiful hat! I love the color and the “swirls” in the back!Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!


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