Mochimochi Land has become my favorite go-to place for cute knitted amigurumi. I was so happy when Anna finally took me up on my offer to help test-knit for her. Luckily it came during my spring break, so I was able to whip up these stackable cats in no time at all:
As soon as my mom saw the pattern, she said that they were hers before I had even made them! I was going to go with a blue/purple scheme, but since they were semi-“stolen” from me, I went with pink shades instead.
I made the little kitty first, and we all took turns passing him around and having him sit on the arms of our chairs. Even our cat Chloe took a liking to the little one, rubbing her face on the face of the pink kitty every time we say “love on kitty.”
I think the white one turned out to be my favorite, partly because she’s just the right size–not too small, not too big–and she has the sweetest face. She also has a “hello kitty” look to her, which I’m sure is any cat’s hero.
Lastly, I like the burgundy one because he is a pillow in the shape of a cat. He’s quite squeezable and squishy, necessary qualities for plush in my book.

This trio now proudly sits next to our TV stand in our family room, easily accessible and enjoyable for everyone.
I think this has become my favorite pattern from Mochimochi Land so far. I usually am the type of knitter who only likes to make a pattern once–I have so many patterns that I want to try that I have to limit myself–but in the case of these cats, I’ll be making plenty more. I already have yarn picked out for a set for my sister and I’m sure I’ll have to make a set for myself. I’m thinking about going down a couple of needle sizes to make them even more compact. The end.

PS>Two papers, an in-class essay exam, and five days til graduation!


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