Christmas in July

I’m trying not to think about summer anymore, which can be hard in Arizona during the monsoon season when the temps get up past 110 and the humidity makes me feel like I’m swimming through the air. (Yes, Arizona has humidity. It is not always a “dry heat” despite what people think.) But it’s the last day of July, and although August isn’t much cooler, it at least means that summer is more than half over. So I’m thinking about reindeers instead.
Like this cute “vintage red and green” reindeer celebrating Christmas in July, in front of a prickly cactus.

This project makes my 6th finished WIP. That means I only have 10 more to go. I’m happy that I’m finally motivated to finish all the half-finished projects lying around stashed in various places. I’ve been working on my “Scrappy Squares” afghan made up of diagonal knit squares using all my oddballs of yarn. I’m up to 60 squares out of 80 and I have fewer balls of miscellaneous yarn lurking in my stash. You know how yarn can lurk; it’s best to use it up before it starts breeding.


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