Although I enjoy the Olympics, that’s not why I’m excited about today. Although the Olympics are the inspiration for why I’m excited about today, that’s not the main reason for my enthusiasm. No, it’s because today is the Ravelympics–a special “event” for knitters/crocheters that coincides with the Olympics, but in actuality has nothing to do with athletes or sports. No, it is in fact for crazy people like me who are obsessed with yarn and want to join thousands of cyber craft friends in setting project goals during the Olympics, hosted through Ravelry, in the hopes of completing them in a mere 17 days.
I’m part of “Team Stashdown,” a group of “craftletes” who are only working from stash yarn for the next 17 days…yes, that’s right, I will not be able to buy a yard of yarn for the next 17 days. (As part of my “training” for Ravelympics, I am on Day 11 without a yarn purchase.) As part of Team Stashdown, I have 6 projects that will be competing in the following events:
1. WIP Wrestling–those craftletes competing must only work on works-in-progress during the Ravelympics. All six of my projects are WIPs.
2. Afghan Marathon–not for the faint of heart, but for those wanting to complete an afghan in 17 days. In my case, I have 4 WIP afghans competing that I hope to finish by closing ceremonies.
3. Sock Put–for craftletes knitting socks. I only have one Monkey sock in this event, so shouldn’t be too hard.
4. Amigurumi N Toys Toss–exactly what it sounds like. I have one Stackable Cat that is more than 50% done, so hopefully I’ll be able to finish him up.
So basically, Ravelympics are for those of us who will always be on the “watching-side” of sports and have to find some way to compete in something. Besides, I would be knitting or crocheting anyway while watching my favorite events, so I might as well have thousands of cyber friends doing the same thing with me.
(In case those reading this blog haven’t figured it out by now, I am lost in my own little yarn world.)