World Record

In the spirit of the Olympics and Ravelympics, I just had to post about my own records (okay, maybe not world records, but we all can dream, right?). I broke the 20 mile mark. I’ve officially used more than 20 miles of yarn this year alone. I plan on going for at least a marathon this year–26 miles–which I’m sure won’t be too hard.

So far, I’ve finished 3 projects for Ravelympics, all of which were WIPs (works-in-progress).
I am now, as of tonight, finished with 9 WIPs and only have 7 remaining. If I make it to 10 WIPs finished in a row, I get a prize in the WIP Contest. One more projects to go, which comes at good timing because I sort of have to start a new project by this Sunday for Stitch N’ Pitch.

I realized that I have no current project that is not too bulky, uses too many colors, has too many tiny pieces, or would be finished before the end of a baseball game. So I will be starting a Laminaria Shoulderette in Classic Elite Alpaca Sox yarn (pictured above. It’s actually more orange than red; a gift from a Secret pal. I just can’t see using this beautiful yarn for something to go on my feet.) either Thursday or Friday so it can be in-progress by the game. Luckily this yarn is currently in my stash, so I won’t have to buy new yarn.

I haven’t purchased yarn since July 28, so it’s been 21 days. Another record. Wow, until I wrote that just now, I hadn’t realized it had been that long. I’m hoping to go until the end of Ravelympics, but perhaps I could round it up to an even 30 days. We’ll see if my resolve can last that long.
I’m like the Michael Phelps of knitting and crocheting.