First Gold Medalist

Kounting Sheep: I’m here today with the first double Gold Medalist in the Afghan Marathon and WIP Wrestling events, the Scrappy Squares Afghan. Scrappy, tell us a bit about yourself, now that you have crossed the finish line and become a finished object.Scrappy: Well, it’s taken me quite a few months to get to this point, but it’s been worth the wait.Kounting Sheep: What brought you to this point?Scrappy: I’m made up of 80 diagonally-knit garter stitch squares, crafted from leftover oddballs of yarn only. After countless hours of creating squares, I was finally able to reach the point in which all the squares were lined up to find a layout. Once the layout was decided upon, it was just a matter of mere hours before I was all put together and ready for the finishing touches: the red garter stitch border.Kounting Sheep: Yes, red is quite the finishing touch to your look. An afghan your size must be quite a feat. Is there anything more you can tell us about your design?Scrappy: Yes. I used up more than 2020 yards of yarn from stash. Each square took five minutes to crochet together, and each row took a mere 15 minutes to crochet together. The finishing aspects took the shortest amount of time, surprisingly.Kounting Sheep: Wow, that is amazing!. Even I’m impressed at how little time it took to put together. Any final words?Scrappy: It feels great to be an done. I’m glad to just be out of the stash and on the bed.Kounting Sheep: Well, congratulation on being the first finished project in my Ravelmpics and WIP #7 in the WIP workdown contest.


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