Stitch N’ Pitch

On Saturday, August 24th, I attended my first ever Stitch N’ Pitch. I’m not a big baseball fan, but one of my crochet students and friend LOVES baseball, so I thought it would be a fun opportunity for us. A big sign greeted us on the upper deck of the stadium, as well as a small set-up of two sponsoring yarn shops and their selected goodies. We grabbed some food at Panda Express, then headed to our seats to eat and crochet. There were quite a few knitters and crocheters surrounding us, but not as many as I expected. Apparently yarn and summer in Arizona do not always mix (either that or not everyone is as obsessed as I am, which seems impossible). We did happen to sit in front of a very nice knitter who asked us about our crochet projects and showed us her first knitting project ever: a sweater for her red-headed granddaughter that was coming along beautifully.

I brought along a purple ripple blanket to work on. Oh yeah, and there was baseball there too.
You can see a glimpse of the game in the background. I actually managed to watch the game, and I thought it went much faster with projects in tow. Unfortunately, our team lost. But I did manage to “score” a souvenir: a sock kit from “Purls Yarn Shop in Tucson.” It was a “ToFUtsies” sock yarn with a sock pattern and a set of sock needles, all for the price of the yarn. Here’s a pic of my souvenir sock yarn with my free souvenir T-shirt.
Do you notice a theme with the purple yarn? I like purple. And I may actually go to a baseball game again, of course only as long as I bring a project with me from now on.

PS> The sock needles I acquired with my souvenir yarn are already in progress on a new sock project: a set of Jaywalkers for my mom for her birthday (she already knows about them, otherwise I’d never get them finished).