Ravelympics Finishers and More

I got so caught up in Stitch N’ Pitch and buying my first yarn in 28 days and working on my mom’s b-day socks that I completely forgot to post about the end of Ravelympics. I managed to go the entire time without buying yarn, part of my record 28 days without a yarn purchase. I ended the streak with a souvenir yarn purchase at Stitch N’ Pitch, a noble way to end my yarn ban. However, after having to transfer some of the stash into the garage and upon the apparent distress of my parents at my yarn accumulation, I have decided to go on another yarn ban for the duration of, well,until there is less yarn or I move out (or until Friday when I go to my LYS for the first time in four months).

I managed to finish 4 WIPs during Ravelympics, 3 of which were blanket projects. I’ve already posted about some of the projects so here is a recap of the gold medalists who crossed the finish line:
1. The Scrappy Squares Afghan
Approx. 2020 yards of scrap yarn used up
80 Squares
My Original Pattern for sale here.
2. Skulls and Stripes Blanket
2478 yards of Caron Perfect Match in Black and White
Made for friend
Improvised design
3. 48 Crocheted Square Sampler
2956 yards of Caron Perfect Match in Sunflower, Purple, and White
Made for Shawna, receptionist for hospital floor where Heather gets cancer treatment.

4. Mystery Project that hasn’t been given to the recipient so I can’t talk about it. But it’s finished and it counted for Ravelympics.

I also managed to finish my 10 WIPs in a row for the WIP Contest and I have a handmade prize in the works. After finishing #10, I did cast on for a project, but now I’ve been working a new project until completely finished before I cast on another. I’m still working through my remaining 6 WIPs to hopefully still get them done. I’ve managed to finish 2 complete projects, each from start-to-finish without starting something new.
One of the projects was a cupcake I made for my friend who in a roundabout way sort of heavily hinted that she might want one. I even put poly-pellets in the bottom to make it stand up better on its own. This was a going-away present for her since she transferred to a different Michael’s store other than mine. Good excuse for a cupcake.

I’ve been working diligently through the stash and ended up using 8295 yards in August, bringing the year total up to 38,429 yards or 21.8 miles of yarn used.