Happy October! I totally forgot it was October already when I made my last post. I’m so happy because it actually is starting to feel like fall here in Arizona. The temperatures have dropped out of the triple digits and the clouds have settled in the last couple of days. I think it’s actually supposed to rain over the weekend and get down into the eighties. Oh, cold weather, I can’t wait for you.

In anticipation of fall, I helped my friend Anna at Mochimochi Land with a test knit of this little fella:
This is Yahtzee. He is a bat who loves to be snuggled up in his own wings.

I really enjoyed this test knit because it was so fast to make up. I literally cast on in the evening and was done a few short hours later, before I went to bed. The pattern calls for wool, but I used acrylic since it was the only thing I had in the colors I wanted. The only problem this presented was the wings, since they are in stockinette stitch, which rolls too much and can’t really be fixed in acrylic. To help this problem, I used a slip stitch at the beginning of each knit row on the wings. After I was finished, I used a mildly warm iron to purposely “kill” the acrylic so it would lay flatter (You’re not really supposed to iron acrylic, because any time you do, it basically “kills” or ruins the knitted piece. I did mine on purpose, though, with mild heat so I could control how much I was “killing” my knitted piece. I had to be carefully not to get it too hot or iron it too much, otherwise it would have been extremely floppy and unmanageable.)

This was also my first project with safety eyes, and I really liked how they turned out. But my absolute favorite part of this project is his feet. So great.
Yet another great design from Anna. “Boo” is now available for sale over in her shop here, so everyone can have their own bat buddy to hang out on their knitting needles.

Day 10 of the 100-Day Ban, and I’m a tenth of the way done.


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  1. Hi there, I was hopeing you could help me with my wings to my Boo. I also knit in acrylic, as Im a bit allergic to wool 😦 and they do roll. But I remembered that Anna wrote what you did, so I looked it up and thought it would be easier to ask you yourself.Im pretty much a newbie to knitting. I can do the basic but havent tried making pattern or so, and Im not really sure what you mean by slipping one over. Do you just move it from one knitting pin to the other? I guess I will do the ironing tomorrow, and try how much I need to iron.Anyway, I will really appreciate if you can help me, so the next Boo will turn out even better. :)Have a great day!


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