Not Really Cheating

This is just going to be a small, pictureless post/confession. (It seems like all my blog posts lately have been confessions, doesn’t it?)

Yes, I bought yarn yesterday, and yes, it was following the rules of my yarn ban. Remember, I said I could buy yarn if I needed it to finish a project? Well, I needed it to finish a project that I can’t talk about right now because it is for someone and will also eventually be a pattern in my shop. In fact, I have two patterns that I need to get ready for my shop, now that I’m almost finished with the projects that initiated the patterns to begin with! Hopefully by the end of this month I will have some new stuff up in my shop.

BTW>I’ve fallen in love with lace. I’m obsessed with it right now. I’m working on a really great lace pattern, Laminaria from Knitty, using my precious Classic Elite Alpaca Sox yarn that will be a small shawl instead of socks. I’ve recently been becoming more aware of my natural fibers and slowing morphing into, shall I say it, a fiber snob, but I still just cannot see myself putting Alpaca yarn on my feet, especially when that yarn probably cost at least $20 for a single skein (it was a gift, so I don’t know the cost for sure. I do know, however, that I wouldn’t have bought it for myself, even though I really love the yarn).

I really love this yarn and I really love this pattern, and I really can’t wait to finish so I can block the shawl and see how beautiful it really is. That’s the only downfall of lace: you can’t really tell how beautiful it is when you’re making it, because it looks like a really big blob of knitting. It’s the blocking that brings out the pattern, and since it’s my first full-blown lace pattern, we shall see how it turns out. Really!

PS>I’m on Day 13 of 100, in case you were wondering. 87 to go.