Sometimes You Don’t Get to Choose…

…which projects you are working on, that is.

The last month or so it seems like I’ve been working on so many things, yet my stash isn’t dwindling. This is due to the fact that I have been making lots of things for other people. Not that this is a bad thing at all, I’m happy in fact that other people want my hand-work, but sometimes I just want to work on a project for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining (the extra cash has been nice too). I’m just selfish and I like hand-knit/hand-crocheted things too.

I’ve been making lots of hats and scarves for my friends and customers. Then I made a bunch of baby stuff for my niece set to make her debut here any time (wow, it’s still weird to say “my niece;” I’m going to be an auntie soon). I have a designer friend who asked me to test knit a secret project for a secret project she’s working on that is so secret that that’s about all I can say, and I already had to (shamefully) ask for a deadline extension. Then I have about six more Miss Priss Hats I have to make for customers within the next week or so (I could do that pattern in my sleep) and another scarf to make. And I have two blanket projects to finish for a friend of mine whose mother started them about thirty years ago but never finished. That is going to be a fun project because you can imagine what the color scheme for the blankets are (think “seventies”) and one of them is a chevron pattern that I’ve been wanting to use anyway.

Let’s just say that by the time I finish my to-do list, it’ll be too hot to wear any of the sweaters I wanted to make this winter. (Another reason why I hate Arizona sometimes. The average temps for the month of January, which is supposed to be a rather chilly month, was 74-82 degrees. We haven’t really had a real winter.)

PS> I got my Substitute Teaching Certificate two weeks ago and I’ve applied to my local school district. Now I’m just waiting on a call to see if I got hired. I’m really excited and a bit nervous. I may be considering pursuing a full-time Teaching Certificate, so it’ll be interesting to see how I do as a sub.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Don’t Get to Choose…

  1. Hi, I’m usually a lurker on your blog, but wanted to comment. : ) You always have such pretty projects. And don’t feel bad – I rarely crochet anything for myself, either!74+ degrees in winter, and you’re complaining?! Aack! Here in the Cleveland area, the average temperature in January has been 26 degrees, and we’ve had almost 41 inches of snow just in January alone. We got another 12 inches of snow just in the past few days. Want to trade places? : (Good luck with the substitute teaching!


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