Good News/Bad News

Bad News: It’s been almost two weeks since I last posted.
Good News: I’ve been doing a lot of journaling and writing on a writing project. Words are good!

Bad News: I was in a car accident–t-boned on the driver side by a drunk-driver in an F-150 who ran a red light. It was my first car accident, totally not my fault, and it really scared me.
Good News: I was paying attention enough to honk at the driver right before she hit me, so she started braking, which made the impact less severe. I can’t open my driver-side door right now, so it’s funny to watch me crawl in through the passenger side (although not funny to do). My car will be fixed starting next Monday, all covered under her insurance, not mine. I walked away from the accident, which is good too.

Bad News: I hurt my back pretty bad in the accident.
Good News: Nothing seriously wrong with my back, just a lot of soft tissue/muscle damage, so I’m seeing a chiropractor and doing physical therapy. It’ll take awhile to heal, so I’m having to do a lot of sitting around on ice packs.

Bad News: I’m doing a lot of sitting around on ice packs.
Good News: I’m getting a lot of knitting and crocheting time. I finished two projects so far and working on a third. I’m in an afghan mood again, so it must mean summer is approaching (it was 83 degrees here today and it’s only the end of February). Also time for lots of naps. I like naps.

Bad News: Summer is approaching.
Good News: Bleh.

Bad News: I’m having trouble becoming a substitute. Apparently with the economy being dire, everyone had my same idea. Dang-it.
Good News: Again bleh. Not sure what the good news on this one is, but I guess it’s giving me plenty of time to heal and the flexibility to go to physical therapy everyday since I only work in the mornings at Michaels. Plus no stress of a new job.

Bad News: It’s been 151 days on my yarn ban.
Good News: It’s been 151 days! (more money in my bank account!)