A friend of mine moved away a couple of weeks ago. I decided a blanket would be a good going away gift, especially since she moved to Colorado where blankets come in handy. I only had two weeks to whip up something, so it was the trusty old standby of granny squares. I can make them in my sleep (and in the dark). After I made all the squares, I decided to crochet them together to make it go faster, and also because it’s just more convenient. The main thing I love about crocheting blocks together instead of sewing them, though, is that the back has very straight-edged tidy seams. Look:
To make the grannies more modern, I made them big, did two different patterns of grannies, and also added one odd square that didn’t perfectly match any of the others.
The other reason I had an odd square in the blanket was because, well, I used only all stash yarn, and I ran out of purple, so I decided to make due. Shh, don’t tell anyone…

Sometimes imperfections add the perfect touch to a project.