So I got my box of yarn from WEBS yesterday. It was stuffed full of yarny goodness, and I enjoyed stroking and sniffing (wool smells GOOD) each skein as I pulled it from its wedged spot in the box. Classic Elite “Renaissance” yarn was on a super good blowout, so I bought enough yarn to make my mom, my sister, and myself a pair of Bella’s Mittens, essential accessories for all true Twilight fans who also happen to knit.

Anyway, my whole point for ordering the yarn was to get 2 skeins of Malabrigo in Vaa that they finally got in stock so I could finish my Ene shawl. I was scared to pull the skeins out, afraid that they would be too green. However, they match better than I thought they would, so it will work. One skein is really really close, and the other, not as much, so I think when I double-strand them it will mask the mismatch. I hope. And if the color difference is noticeable, then it will just make this shawl even that much more charming. Right?

Optimisim can be such a drag sometimes.