Coffee Break

This is the last post of the year, so I thought I would post about the last minute gift I made at, well, the last minute. No matter how well I plan, I always end up making at least one gift at the last minute, usually in the week before Christmas, so of course this year wasn’t any different. I needed a warm touch to go along with a bag of coffee I was giving to my co-worker, so a mug cozy was the perfect idea.
Using less than 100 yards of some leftover red multi-colored-speckled yarn and a size H crochet hook, I made this little thing in about an hour, including time to sew on the button. I did ten half-double crochets across to fit the height of the mug I was working with and then did as many rows as needed to cover the circumference of the cup. When I got to the handle, I centered four half-doubles in the middle and created a small, adjustable button band with three button holes. Viola! A quick and easy gift.

More posts to come about other things I made for Christmas.