Big Sock

Yesterday was my 3 year blogiversary, and like last year, I missed it again. Oh well…so I’ve been doing this blog for 3 years. Yay! I was hoping to have a new pattern ready by this milestone, but alas, January has been just as busy as December as far as projects go. I did, however, take some time to go to my LYS, Tempe Yarn and Fiber, for the first time in probably a year or more. I was there for 2 hours just looking at all the new and different yarns, and trying to decide what to buy within my preset budget (I still ended up going a little bit over, but only by $5; now that’s self-control). I had three specific projects in mind when I went, so I wouldn’t be tempted to mindlessly buy as much yarn as possible. Although hard to resist, I only came home with enough yarn for the three projects I had in mind.

My other purpose for going to the yarn store was so I could knit on the World-Record-Setting “Big Sock” that is traveling around the globe being knit on by knitters everywhere. Back in 2006 this sock was started, and when it left Arizona last week, the “leg” of the sock had an additional 19 inches added to it! I got an opportunity to knit on the Big Sock for about half an hour while I was in the store on the second to last day it was there. It felt great to add my stitches to a project of this magnitude. You can see the journey that the “Big Sock” took at Tempe Yarn and Fiber at their blog here.

So in honor of the New Year and my blogivesary, and inspired by the “Big Sock,” I’ve decided that my goal this year will be to use up my entire sock yarn stash. Now granted, this is probably my smallest stash within my yarn stash, but I wanted to set an attainable goal, and also have a bunch of socks when I’m done.