Ene Shawl

Here is my first finisher for this year’s Ravelympics:
My beautiful Ene Shawl is finally finished. It only took me two days to do the last half of the shawl. Even though I’ve been technically working on this since October, it only took about a week’s worth of knitting to complete. After a rough start and running out of yarn, I finally finished it and I will be able to wear it hopefully this weekend.

Before blocking:

During blocking:

Close-up details:
I love this pattern and I love how it turned out. I had just enough of the multi-colored Noro yarn to do the bottom border, and after ordering two additional skeins, I had more than enough to finish the main body of the shawl. I did, however, start the pattern with fewer stitches, so I did fewer chart repeats. After blocking, the shawl still ended up being larger than I expected, but just the right size for me.
More lace knitting to come.


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