Ravelympics 2010

Winter Olympics start today, so that can only mean one thing: Ravelympics start today too! Remember the Summer Olympics in 2008 when I did Ravelympics: here and here and here? Well, it’s that time again.
I’m on Team Stashdown again, and I created this avatar for our team to show our coolness. It’s fun to see a bunch of different people all sporting our same team logo. Good times.

This year I’ve decided to focus on lace. I was going to try to do just one large project, but I’ve decided to instead finish a lace WIP (the Ene Shawlette) and then make 3 other smaller lace projects (Citron, Springtime Bandit, and Pretty Thing) in the 17 days. Since the weather here is quickly moving from “it’s almost cold enough to be called winter” to “it’s too hot to be called spring, but it’s not hot enough to be summer yet,” it makes more sense to make smaller shawls that I can wear right now, rather than a big one I won’t be able to wear until November or December (boo).

Now I just have to wait till 7pm tonight to pull out the Ene Shawl and officially start.