Yesterday and today have been two of the coldest days of the season. It’s been a nice change to actually be able to wear sweaters and mittens and wool socks, and not feel like an outcast, crazy knitter for doing so! Last weekend I got the urge to make a bunch of mittens, so I started working on a new pair. Then I watched the weather forecast and found out I’d actually be able to wear them this week
Another knitter’s delight is this shawl I just got done making the end of last year. This is the biggest shawl I’ve made, and it used the most yarn, the smallest needles, and took the longest time to make out of all the other ones I’ve made. I love the combination of the yarn and the pattern, because it just makes me think of a frosty winter day.

Knit Picks Shimmer Gloss Hand painted yarn
in color “Hyacinth”
Alpaca/silk, 3 skeins, 1320 yards

US Size 3 needles

It definitely was a challenge to find a good pattern to pair with this variegated yarn. I’ve come to realize that solid yarns are preferable for lace, but this yarn was a gift from my parents for Christmas a few years ago, so I still wanted to make something special with it. Luckily I found a pattern that used “chevron” type motifs, which I figured would be perfect for showcasing the yarn and still showcase a great pattern.
I didn’t think I would have enough floor space in my room to block this mammoth. I don’t have an exact measurement for the shawl, but it’s over 6 feet long. That would seem like too big of a shawl for me (I’m only five foot tall), but it actually is better being longer. I like to wear rectangular shawls wrapped where the two ends drape over either side of the same shoulder, in order to show off the main intricacy of patterning at both ends. And thanks to the fiber content, something so light and airy is also very warm.

Now I’m in the mood to wear this beauty again. Thank you, cold weather, for the oppportunity.