Lime and Grey

A few weeks ago I made some new fingerless mittens. I had been itching to cast on about a dozen pairs, but settled for just one since mittens aren’t entirely necessary here in February, when it only gets down as cold as in the 40s. My hands are extremely sensitive to the cold, however, so I take any excuse I can get to wear hand-coverings.

Camilla by SpillyJane Knits
Fingerless Mitts
Lime yarn: Brown Sheep Wildefoote Sock Yarn
Grey yarn: Patons Kroy Sock yarn
Less than a skein of each color
US Size 1 Needles (dpns)
Mods include: Shortening the top for my stubby hands

I’ve worn these at least 10 times since I finished them. They are the perfect accessory with any of my coats, since only a little bit of the color peeks out.
I had had the lime green yarn for a few years now and couldn’t ever seem to find the right pattern to use it for. As I was digging through my stash for a complimentary color to go with it, I came across this one lonely skein of greyish yarn. I held the two together, and it was a perfect, albeit unusual match. The grey toned down the lime enough to not seem like I’m wearing a neon sign on my hands.