Tour de Fleece 2013

I wasn’t sure if I was going to participate or not this year in the Tour de Fleece. Last year my plans got interrupted when I started dating this one guy, who, you know, became my husband. I guess that’s a pretty good excuse not to spin. But this year, I didn’t have any excuses, so I’m using this opportunity to finish up some languishing spinning projects.

First up was some black merino lace singles that I had begun spinning on a wheel at the yarn store that I was trying out for an afternoon. I plan to get some more merino so that I can get another bobbin full and then 2-ply this lace yarn. For now, I have one bobbin finished with 2 ounces of fiber.

The next one to tackle was my project from last year’s TdF, my Tea Party Phat Fiber samples. Surprisingly, even though I had forgotten what my original plan was, when I read last year’s post about it, I ended up doing exactly what I had in mind. I was able to finish the singles today and I will be Navajo-plying this up tomorrow.

I can’t wait to see how this Wonderland Tea Party yarn turns out, especially since it looks like 3 different yarns as I took progress pictures while spinning; this aptly-titled yarn will definitely be quite the mix of colors and fibers.
I’m hoping to finish out the Tour by working on the natural-colored Jacob fleece that I still have half of the hand-carded rolags left to spin up. Pictures of finished yarn to come soon.