College Bound: Collegiate Throw [Crochet Pattern]

For Day 3 in this “College Bound” series, I have a new crochet pattern to share with you! The Collegiate Throw is the perfect project to help get your college student into school spirit. Choose your school colors to crochet this giant granny square blanket, perfect for dorm rooms, chilly fall football games, cuddling up with a textbook, or even to help stay warm in a cold classroom.

Download the pattern on Ravelry here and on Etsy here.

The Collegiate Throw pattern includes written instructions for how to make the blanket, special instructions for making a crisp straight square, 4 color sequence ideas, and 2 picture tutorials for special stitches. This crochet pattern has been carefully edited and tested to ensure quality and accuracy.

The pattern also uses one of my favorite blanket yarns, Caron One Pound. You can order this yarn in a variety of colors on Amazon here. Combined with a large crochet hook, this throw works up quickly. You can order a Boye Ergonomic size L hook (as seen in these pictures) on Amazon here. The Collegiate Throw pattern is addicting, and soon you’ll be making one in all your favorite college team colors for every member of your family!

Download your copy of the Collegiate Throw crochet pattern in my Etsy shop here and on Ravelry here. Use the hashtag #collegiatethrow on Instagram to share your projects made using my pattern. I can’t wait to see what color combos you come up with!

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College Bound: Agenda Planner

For day 2 in my “College Bound” series, I want to share with you the newest agenda planner from Dayspring! For the first two years that I was in college, I went to a local community college to get my associates before transferring to a larger university. The front office would give out free spiral-bound planners to students every semester that would have events specific to the college as well as a monthly and weekly views to plan out classes and assignments. It had round stickers in the back with things like “finals” “due” and “project.” These planners were extremely helpful in helping me keep track of my work schedule, classes, assignments, projects, and finals. So it’s no surprise that I would highly recommend an agenda planner for those headed off to college!

To order your new 18-month agenda planner and other planner supplies from Dayspring, click here.

Even though I’m not in college anymore, I still find a planner useful for jotting down important dates and appointments, as well as using it for weekly scripture writing. Dayspring just released 5 new 18-month agenda planners. These planners start in July 2018 and go through December 2019. Because they start in the summer, it’s the perfect set up for a new college student starting in the Fall 2018. Each one is spiral bound with a gold spiral and has laminated front and back covers. Dayspring sent me the Illustrated Faith branded planner to review and share with my followers, but there are numerous covers and styles to choose from. Each planner is practical and functional, as well as beautifully designed and faith inspiring.

All the planners from Dayspring have the same basic layout. There is a monthly dashboard and a laminated tab attached for that specific month. Then the first 2-page spread is the monthly calendar view. Next, the month is broken down into weeks, with one week spanning a 2-page spread. There are lines for writing more in-depth notes to plan out more specific details. This is also the area where those who use it as a faith planner would write out scripture or other faith-related content.

At the back of the planner is a Notes section. There are a few lined pages, a few graph pages, and a few blank pages in this section. There are three pages of planner stickers that fit perfectly into the monthly calendars and are a great way to add colorful reminders for important events. Lastly there is a pocket in the back to store extra bits and pieces.

The Illustrated Faith branded planner is absolutely beautifully designed. The cover is my favorite color, purple! It has a geometric design and hand-brushed lettering that spells out “Just give me Jesus.” Some of the design is gold-leafed to make it shimmer. For each monthly dashboard, a unique verse and design determines the color and theme for that month. At the top of each page is a coordinating banner that matches for that month. Even if you don’t add any other illustrating to this planner, it is still faith inspiring. But I like that there is lots of room to add decorations and embellishments. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel here to be notified when new Faith planning videos get added to my channel!

I highly recommend the Dayspring 18-month agenda planner for all your planning needs, whether you are in college or want to use it as a faith planner. You can order your own Dayspring planner as well as other fun planner supplies by clicking the affiliate link here. To order the Pilot Frixion erasable pens on Amazon as seen in the pictures, click here.

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College Bound: CSB Worldview Study Bible [Review]

This week I’m going to be sharing a few things to consider giving to a recent grad who is now college bound! I know summer is often a time for vacations and relaxing, but it can also be a time of preparation for the next phase of life for many young adults. For Christian young adults, there’s nothing more important than a reliable study Bible, and I highly recommend the CSB Worldview Study Bible.

To order a copy of the CSB Worldview Study Bible leather touch cover on Amazon, click here.

Here is the description from the publisher: “The CSB Worldview Study Bible features extensive worldview study notes and articles by notable Christian scholars to help Christians better understand the grand narrative and flow of Scripture within the biblical framework from which we are called to view reality and make sense of life and the world. Guided by general editors David S. Dockery and Trevin K. Wax, this Bible is an invaluable resource and study tool that will help you to discuss, defend, and clearly share with others the truth, hope, and practical compatibility of Christianity in everyday life.”

This is my new favorite Bible, and it currently sits on my nightstand for easy access. Not only is the leather touch cover comfortable to hold in my lap while reading, but the size is great for every day use without being too bulky. The design on the interior is very subtle, with mainly gray shading to help offset the extra content. A few images that evoke a universe theme are included on the Old Testament and New Testament pages and the concordance cover page. I like that the design is neutral and not too distracting. The content and the text are the main focus.

The 130 worldview articles spread throughout the text are helpful for discerning relevant topics in our culture. Written by over 120 scholars, the topics span from the practical to the intellectual. Some article topics include creation, science, gender and sexuality, language, other religions, music and recreation, technology, church and state, a biblical work ethic, just to name a few.

The over 5,900 study notes also provide extra guidance when reading certain passages. The notes are offset in a light gray box at the bottom of each page. The scripture text is double column, with a cross-reference center column.

Each book of the Bible begins with a two page spread that includes book introduction and information, Worldview elements, and a timeline. The Worldview elements for each book are “Teachings about God,” “Teachings about Humanity,” and “Teachings about Salvation.” Having this common them throughout helps to tie a Christian Worldview together throughout all of Scripture.

The CSB Worldview Bible is thought-provoking for helping Christians form a biblical worldview. I highly recommend this Bible! It would make a great gift for a recent grad or great gift to self.

To order a copy in the Navy leather touch cover on Amazon, click here. For another great study Bible for young adults, see my review for the CSB Apologetics Study Bible here.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. This means I receive a small commission when you purchase through the links at no additional cost to you. B&H/Lifeway sent me a copy of this Bible in exchange for my honest review. All pictures and opinions contained in this post are my own.