Sock Yarn Stash

This picture displays my entire sock yarn stash. Now, it may not look like a lot of yarn, but yardage-wise, it’s quite a bit. And considering each color is one pair (or more, since I have small feet), that’s quite a few socks. The nice thing about my goal of using up all of this is that I will turn sock yarn stash into just sock stash.

Actually, I forgot to mention that the six already-wound red skeins at the bottom of the picture are going to become a Pi Shawl (by Elizabeth Zimmerman), which is also my Ravelympics project during the Winter Olympics. So, that will make a bunch of socks and a round shawl.

I tallied it all up, and the yardage of the sock yarn stash comes out to 5628 yards or 3.2 miles. Not a lot for a person who used up 39,820 yards/22.6 miles of yarn for 2009 and 122 complete skeins of yarn. But I have yet to cast on for a single sock, and it’s nearing the end of January.