A Straggler and An Addition

I have two more skeins of yarn to add to the sock yarn stash. One was a straggler that I forgot I had (first picture), because it’s kept with the lace stash since that’s the intended project, and one I got in the mail today as a free gift with a purchase of other yarn (the red one in the second picture).
I bought a sport weight merino yarn from The Periwinkle Sheep last week. The color is called “Avocado” and I plan to use it for a Citron shawl. Through the end of January, the seller is giving away free skeins of sock yarn with any purchase, so I thought I would take the opportunity to buy the yarn I wanted so I could get free yarn.
She chooses the color of the free yarn she sends, so it was a happy surprise to find this lovely skein of soft red sock yarn snuggled next to my avocado. I think it will become a lace shawl as well (too pretty to put on my feet) but just have to find the right pattern.
This skein of yarn will become a Pretty Thing. The yarn is Imagination from Knitpicks, and is a beautiful alpaca. I have a thing against putting alpaca on my feet, because it’s just too precious for my budget to rationalize making into socks. So this little skein of “Looking Glass” (Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite books ever) will become a lovely little pretty thing.

So now I have 619 yards to add to the sock yarn stash total, and so far, no yardage to subtract. ::Sigh::


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