Crossing Over

That’s right, I’ve “crossed” over….to cross-stitch. Actually, I learned to cross-stitch when I was about ten years old, which was the craft that eventually led to my learning to crochet two years later. I kinda gave up on cross-stitch because I got tired of having to change the thread so often. But I decided to overcome my frustration with this little trait of that particular craft when I got the opportunity to test “stitch” this pattern: “Cute is Always in Season” from Mochimochi Land.
I had forgotten how long cross-stitch takes (it’ll probably be awhile before I make another one). This project took me about a month and a half to complete, working on it for several hours a day. This is the largest cross-stitch I have ever made, and I’m quite proud of this piece. My favorites are the owl (Oct), the rabbit (May), and the squirrel (Nov). The pattern was great and it’s for sale over in the Mochimochi Land shop. Thanks, Anna, for giving me the opportunity to test this pattern.